Pachmana Pillows are made from luxurious Alpaca fill and 100% Cotton.  Because Alpaca is naturally fire resistant there is no need for toxic fire retardant chemicals. Our pillows are filled with luxurious Alpaca-not a toxic chemical polyfil nor chemical foam blend. Pachmana pillows are filled with only all-natural Alpaca, and nothing else!

Rejuvenate yourself with a healthy night's sleep, and put only these healthy products next to you and your baby.  Your family's health depends on the choices you make. So choose Pachmana.

Luxurious Alpaca in a silky U.S. Organic or cotton designed casing. Nothing can be healthier for you or the special people in your life, than getting back to our natural pillows and products. 

      Pachmana Pillows ~The healthy choice!

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Pachmana Pillows
Because Mother Knows Best!
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